Between the rich and the lost of his wealth, Bitcoin world of business talk

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Each of us knows that Bitcoin is one of the most dangerous and volatile currencies in the Forex market, so most investors avoid investing in it. In some cases, however, you may be lucky to turn this risk into a source of livelihood that manages money and makes you wealthy. 

An 18-year-old guy becomes a millionaire from bitcoin

Erik Finman is a young 18-year-old, he became a millionaire after investing in this currency when he was twelve. Eric came out of school at an early age, and his parents agreed contract terms stipulate that he has become a millionaire by 18, and he won’t have to go to University, contorted position with both this Agreement motivated Eric to the day.

 Now owns Eric 403 his bitcoin, equivalent to $2695.96 per currency, for a total of $1086471.88, stating first that Finman invested in the year 2011 when he did invest $1000 got it as a gift from his grandmother.

At the end of the year 2013, turned an investment of $1000 is Eric the $100000. To then sell all he had and establish a company seminar on the Web under the name Botangle, posted a video of her performing “let pupils and tutors access to various categories of sources you won’t find it in the normal course”.

Erik Finman[/caption]

In January 2015, Eric sold his company for $100000 or 300 bitcoin. As soon as he got his Bitcoin because he believed that transactions from the event will be in the following few years.

Within one year, the currency has risen nearly 300%. So some analysts said that the value of the transaction from up to $100000 in ten years. He also told Eric saying “Personally, I think that this coin could be worth in the future, a total of $100000 up to $1 million per currency.

The British who threw his computer into the garbage and had a fortune from Bitcoin

on the other hand, James Howells of the United Kingdom lost a tablet with about 7500 Bitcoin.

The story of this unfortunate man’s return for the year 2012 and the beginning of 2013,

 when by mistake by throwing his laptop in the trash before you discover that the computer’s hard disk containing the access key to his wallet containing 7500 Bitcoin.

In 2014, try James searched for his computer in a dumpster, but city authorities prevented him from doing it without permission and a permit from the competent authorities. Still, James hopes to find his computer, although that’s a very difficult task, although over the last few years landfill garbage level grows.  

James Howells 
James Howells
 the officials, the search for the missing hard drive may require millions of dollars, as well as a full team of workers and heavy equipment. Honestly, I can’t even imagine how James feels, who was watching the rocket ascent of Bitcoin all these years.

From today the price of this coin has reached $11337.48, so the lost disk for James equals $85 million more security. According to a statement, he confirmed that his wallet was removed in 7500, as it appeared on the web, but that he could not access it because there were no access keys to it.

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