Daneel project helps investors to choose the best cryptocurrency

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 Daneel project aims to help investors in the cryptocurrency market choose the best cryptocurrency for investment. It analyzes its data using artificial intelligence.

Daneel project

Over the past few years, it has become clear. That cryptocurrency will do for the banking sector what e-mail service has done. With the continued high value and popularity of major currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Of course, the investors want a piece of cake!

But with Bitcoin rising to more than $ 13,000, investors in cryptocurrencies prefer to invest in alternative currencies Altcoin. Because the bitcoin price is not high and with high profits are very good. But with the emergence of many cryptocurrencies with their advantages, it has become difficult for investors. Daneel project helps to choose the currencies in which they invest and generate more profit.

Daneel’s project is to help investors in the currency market using artificial intelligence.

The interest in encrypted digital currencies and artificial intelligence is what prompted Daneel’s founders to create Daneel Artificial Intelligence. To help anyone who wants to join the cryptocurrency market but has little experience in this area.

What is Daneel Project?

In contrast today’s assistive devices. Which have significant functional and technological limitations. Daniel is an intelligent personal assistant service developed on Watson Watson technology. Which is the strongest artificial intelligence in natural language. Data and emotional analysis of users.

 What are Daneel’s features?

Daneel will incorporate many features that would allow for each investor.

  • Interaction with Daneel

Daneel is able to understand all your interactions with it: you only need to express an application and will give you the most appropriate information.

The principle of the “learning machine” helps in increasing the number of service users. It constantly learns and sharpens its answers over time!

  • Collect, analyze, and ensure the reliability of all information

The Daneel service researches, tracks, analyzes, and collects the various sources of information available on various channels over the Internet. News feeds mass media, specialized media, and social networks. Once the information is collected, you will arrange and classify all relevant data to provide information that has a high level of reliability.

  • Market sentiment analysis

Daneel is able to analyze emotions in the market thanks to the “Social Passion Index” feature. By retrieving and analyzing messages posted on social networks. Daneel’s service can determine the dominant feeling in the market towards any cryptocurrency.

As shown below:


  • Determine currency confidence rating

Daneel uses an algorithm specifically designed to calculate confidence rating in a currency, based on all the information collected (currency rates, recent high social networking news …). Confidence in the currency is calculated using a 10-point punctuation scale. This result reflects the currency’s reliability at a specific time.

  • Access a detailed report and currency analysis

Need a full report on a currency?

The Daneel project service provides you with a detailed report and analysis of any currency you want that includes all the information you need and is updated daily.

  • Manage your currency wallets

Daneel allows you to easily manage your various trading accounts and wallets. Then you will be able to follow up on your investments in real-time and place orders by following the smart advice provided by your Daneel project service.

  • Learning service

A special educational service suitable for beginners answering various questions about blockchain, cryptocurrency, and legislative aspects.

Then many user concepts will be explained every day, and users can check their knowledge by passing the “mini-tests”.

  • Share or social trading service

In fact, users will be able to watch and follow the investments of experienced investors. In contrast, the most valued traders in the community will parity Dan Tokens.

How can users subscribe and use the Daneel service?

There is a benefit of the Daneel service through monthly, quarterly, or annual subscriptions.

And then You can only pay using the Daneel code. Dan Tokens to subscribe and take advantage of all the features of the Daneel service.

You can get Dan Tokens via

  • For you can invest in the initial offer of ICO which will be launched soon. It is the only chance to get Dan Tokens with a price tag with an added bonus on the codes you buy. Investors early to launch a currency (Dan Tokens).
  • Buy Dan Dan Tokens on trading platforms after subtracting the currency. Here the currency is bought by the investor at the market price of the currency. The Dan currency will often be recognized for its strength and the value it will offer to cryptocurrency communities.
  • Join WHITELIST as one of the first investors. And buy codes at a very low initial price with extra profit on the symbols. Also, take advantage of the opportunity to buy a currency (Dan Tokens) at a price determined by the company. Before reaching trading platforms.


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