Different ways to store your cosmetics nicely

Different ways to store your cosmetics nicely

Different ways to store your cosmetics nicely

Everyone who uses some cosmetics knows the struggle of not ever knowing how to store it. Putting it away is one thing, but making it look good and organised is a whole ‘nother story. Most people don’t want everything standing out in the open since that can leave a spot looking ‘messy’ and ‘unorganised’.  That is mostly because of different colours of packaging, different heights, different brands and all that. There are many different ways you can fix this problem, just to give you an idea I’ll tell you about a few of them.


If you’re the kind of person who would like to have one, I’d recommend a vanity as one out of many options. If you get one with drawers on the sides, you can store your products in there and still have them organised in some way as well. You can also put other stuff on top of it, things like perfume and make-up brushes or other nice looking things will not make it look too messy, if you still don’t feel like this is your thing, read the next one.

Drawer cabinets

Another way of casually and beautifully hiding your products from yourself and all the other people who may or may not be walking into the room, is to use drawer cabinets. You have the well known ones they sell at Ikea, they are often used by people to store a lot of things in. Keep in mind, most of these do require a good amount of space and you’d also have to be able to fill the entire cabinet with stuff or some space will be lost for nothing, so I don’t see this as an amazing option, but it’s an option.


If none of these will work for you, there is one more option I want to tell you about. The option is changing the packaging of your products to a more sustainable material and a product which has benefits for the stuff that goes in there. The material is called miron glass. It’s a dark coloured glass in the form of different products, you can buy it as cosmetic jars, or buy one with a glass pipette to pour your liquids in like your skincare serum or a cleanser, some even put (hair) oil in them to use them like that. Since the colour is simple and the packaging is whatever you want it to be, it would look way more organised and it would be preserved very well.