Hacking into the biggest marketing Bitcoin company and loot millions of coins

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 A massive theft of the digital “Bitcoin” currencies, from the company Nice Hash, which owns one of the largest mining sites (drilling for Bitcoin), has prompted its closure for at least 24 hours.

The official “Nice Hash” page on Facebook, on Thursday, 7 December December, revealed the biggest breakthrough of the website and the looting of millions of digital currencies, and the site is currently being managed by a thorough investigation to gain access to the accounts and data of the hacker.

The price of digital currency rose to 14,000 dollars a day, this morning in Asia for the first time, and according to the coindesk Research Center, the composition rose by about 1300% this year, becoming the hottest file for investors.

company Nice Hash company Nice Hash[/caption]

what the company says about the hack 

The site announced the theft of about 4.736.42 of the digital currency, with a value of $14,000 each, with a total value of about $66 million, while the executive director of the company did not comment on the news.

Company Nice Hash Hash based in Slovenia, marketed itself as the largest market for mining hidden, it is investigating the hack and cooperating with the authorities in their quest to restore service in the highest security measures at the earliest opportunity, “as the company advised users to change their passwords.

Nice Hash

Nice Hash HACKED?! $56.000.000 (4.4K+ BTC)

This was not the first time that he had been looted and hacked, with the largest breakthrough known as the “Gokes” operation in 2014, which collapsed after hundreds of millions of dollars were looted.

Bitcoin height and transaction from and trade

Bitcoin broke all barriers, last November, and some States hastened to warn them each for adoption, a virtual currency that is obtained through a process called “mining”, but mining locations on the hidden part of the “dark”.

It is a complex process takes to complete access to giant servers, where not enough normal wizards’ computers to solve difficult equivalents.

Nice Hash hacked! Careful where you keep your coins

Also, Bitcoin falls on the first day of its trading on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange futures

Stocks “CME”, the largest Futures Exchange in the world start trading on transactions from a week after the launch of trading in the CBOE Stock Exchange.

The value of the Bitcoin in the immediate contracts fell to levels approaching 18.6 thousand dollars after the 20, 000-dollar levels were nearly reached.

In a related context, the French finance minister called for consideration of the issue of Bitcoin at the G-20 summit scheduled for next April.

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