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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Content Creation, News

11 Disadvantages Of ChatGPT Content

By Roger Montti

ChatGPT produces content that is comprehensive and plausibly accurate.

But researchers, artists, and professors warn of shortcomings to be aware of which degrade the quality of the content.

In this article, we’ll look at 11 disadvantages of ChatGPT content. Let’s dive in.

Researchers studying how to detect machine-generated content have discovered patterns that make it sound unnatural.

One of these quirks is how AI struggles with idioms.


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Local Search, Vertical SEO

Google Business Profile Optimization For The Financial Vertical

By Doug Gargaro

Each of these types of listings requires a unique set of hours, categories, hyper-local content, attributes, and a unique overall optimization strategy.

The goal of this article is to dive deeper into why having a unique optimization strategy matters for businesses in the financial vertical and share financial brand-specific best practices for listing optimization strategy.

Considerations like primary and secondary categories, hours, attributes, services, and content (in the form of Google Posts) all play a critical role in defining that overall strategy, including setting up and maintaining crucial governance boundaries between complementary L.O.Bs.

Undertaking all these available listing features holistically and strategically allows financial institutions and practitioners to maximize visibility, engagement, traffic, revenue, and overall performance from local search while minimizing cannibalism, complaints, and poor user experience.

News, SEO

Yandex Search Ranking Factors Leak: Insights

By Roger Montti

The search marketing community is trying to make sense of the leaked Yandex repository containing files listing what looks like search ranking factors. 

Some may be looking for actionable SEO clues but that’s probably not the real value.

The general agreement is that it will be helpful for gaining a general understanding of how search engines work.


How To Become a Arivacy-centric Marketing Organization

By InfoTrust

Prepare for the future of privacy-centered marketing.

Content Marketing, SEO

Scaling Content Production: Celebrating The Unsung Hero

By Oli Hearsum

When some brands accelerate their content production, it can quickly lead to a bloated website, with new content being created along the same lines as previous articles (when upcycling older content would’ve been better).

Or you just end up “doing more”, with no clear strategy.

While you can’t be too regimented and need to have the flexibility to incorporate new, reactive and timely pieces, there is another way.

Scaling content is tough, all stakeholders in the process need to be bought in, quality cannot be sacrificed for quantity and you can’t stop once the pieces are published.

It’s a continual process, with constant monitoring of performance and ongoing optimization from when you press publish.

If you manage to scale your content operations, when underpinned by a solid SEO and content strategy, you can ride the wave of the compound interest that this can provide if you maintain that much-revered position for many years to come.

News, PPC

New Google Ads Feature: Account-Level Negative Keywords

By Matt G. Southern

Google Ads introduces account-level negative keywords worldwide, providing advertisers with greater brand safety and suitability.

Search Engine Journal

[Free SEO Template]

By HubSpot

Organize your On-Page SEO Strategy, track changes and see results all in one place. The step-by-step instructions in this template allow you to plan and prioritize your SEO updates to implement them more quickly.

News, Twitter

Twitter Introduces New Appeal Process For Suspended Accounts

By Matt G. Southern

Starting February 1, Twitter users will be able to appeal account suspensions for evaluations based on new criteria for reinstatement.

News, SEO

Google’s Insights On Robots.txt, Semantic HTML, & Rel-Canonical

By Matt G. Southern

Google Analyst Gary Illyes offers guidance on large robots.txt files, the SEO impact of website redesigns, and the correct use of rel-canonical tags.

Paid Media, SEJ Show

Identity & Custom User Experiences – How ID Helps Convert – Ep. 299

By Loren Baker

Savvy digital marketers leverage user identification to create genuinely custom experiences for their customers because identity is a crucial part of today’s online landscape.

Nancy Marzouk of MediaWallah joins me on the SEJ show to discuss the concept of identity data and how it becomes an integral part of digital advertising. In addition, we discuss the critical elements to have in place to create a successful approach.

We also get into clean rooms and clean tech vs. a “black box” approach and how AWS, Google & Snowflake’s impacts on the ID data market will look like.

Nancy is a true maverick on the marketing technology scene – always one step ahead of the pack and more than capable of solving even its most stubborn problems.

Through her company MediaWallah, she’s revolutionized how data can be connected for maximum value at every level. The industry has taken note – Nancy’s been making waves as a frequent guest speaker at conferences and through op-ed pieces in publications everywhere!

Her genuine commitment to progress saw her appointed to IAB’s Cookie Management Task Force – proving that when it comes to tech, no problem lies beyond reach with Nancy around.



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