SEJ Today: Google Optimize Discontinued: What Businesses Need To Know

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Thursday, January 26, 2023

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Google Optimize Discontinued: What Businesses Need To Know

By Matt G. Southern

Google has announced that Google Optimize and Optimize 360 will no longer be available after September 30. All experiments will continue to run until that date.

Google launched Optimize over five years ago to help businesses test and improve their user experiences.

Many companies have widely used the tool to optimize their website, landing pages, and other online properties.

While the discontinuation of Google Optimize and Optimize 360 may disappoint, Google says it’s committed to providing a new solution in GA4.

Users are encouraged to download their data before it becomes unavailable at the end of September.


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Facebook, News

Meta Reinstates Trump to Facebook & Instagram

By Roger Montti

Meta announced that the suspension of former president Trump from Facebook and Instagram will be lifted within a few weeks, with “guardrails” in place to discourage repeat offenses.

SEO, Tools

Wayback Machine: 5 Alternatives To Try

By Ben Steele

When you’re looking for alternatives to the Wayback Machine, you might not realize that a great many of them, in part or in whole, are powered by the same archive.

But there are other services out there you can use. Some have more helpful features, depending on what your goals are.

This isn’t an exhaustive list of alternative tools, but it’s most of the easily accessible tools for the average user.

Archiving the web is important for cultural and anthropological research. It’s also helpful for business reasons like competitive analysis. It can even help document or monitor political processes.

Your particular reason for seeking archived content might determine which service works best.

The Wayback Machine is the most commonly known archive.


2023 Agency Outlook Webinar Recording

By CallRail

Learn top priorities and agency challenges for 2023.

Facebook, Social Media

Facebook Marketing: An In-Depth Guide For Beginners

By Brian Frederick

You need a plan to capitalize on these opportunities and make maximum impact.

If you’re a complete Facebook marketing beginner, this may sound like a daunting task, but don’t worry – it’s easier than you think.

Continue reading for an in-depth guide to Facebook marketing that you can use to get started right away.

There is no question that Facebook can be an excellent marketing tool for virtually any organization.

But if you don’t pay attention to what you’re doing, it can also be an easy way to blow through your advertising budget in no time.

To ensure your Facebook marketing campaigns give you the biggest bang for your buck, here are some key takeaways to keep in mind.

News, Twitter

Twitter Rolls Out Search Keywords Ads To All Advertisers

By Matt G. Southern

Twitter rolls out a new ad unit, “Search Keywords Ads,” allowing users to promote sponsored tweets in search results to reach a wider audience.

Search Engine Journal

[Free SEO Template]

By HubSpot

Organize your On-Page SEO Strategy, track changes and see results all in one place. The step-by-step instructions in this template allow you to plan and prioritize your SEO updates to implement them more quickly.

News, Tools

Microsoft CEO: “Every App Is Going To Be An AI App”

By Matt G. Southern

Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, states that AI will be integrated into all of Microsoft’s applications in the future.

News, PPC

8 States vs. Google: A Closer Look At The DOJ’s Antitrust Lawsuit

By Brooke Osmundson

The U.S. Department of Justice files its second antitrust lawsuit against Google. This time, they’re suing over ad tech monopoly allegations.

News, SEO

Google Merchant Listing Experiences: Tips For Optimizing Product Pages

By Matt G. Southern

Google’s Developer Advocate Alan Kent shares ways to optimize product pages to ensure eligibility for merchant listing experiences in search results.



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