The importance of branding in business like a Slot Win88

Google, Indomie and Le Minerale are examples of brands that are currently in the minds of Indonesian consumers. How did it happen? So how can you ensure that your brand can be as important as these three? check out the following review!


What do we mean by brand image? Creating a brand image has become the key to successful marketing like a slot win88. It’s hard to become a great brand if you don’t understand and find the right brand strategy. Branding is not defined as creating good logos and beautiful words (words), but more than that. According to Kotler (2019), logos include names, words, signs, symbols or combinations that are intended to identify products or services and distinguish them from competitors. At the same time, the brand is an attempt to introduce the brand to the consumers of this energy close relationship between the brand using light, so that it can lead to complete stage until they are loyal heart So you need to know the product you are selling and how to communicate it to the consumers. Important things and signs

To build a strong brand, you need to pay attention to the factors that make a brand. Here are some things you can use to improve your brand:


Brand image 

Brand image is a reflection of the perception consumers have of a brand. Quality, image and customer experience are heavily influenced by this concept. For this reason, you have to improve these three things so that you can capture the customers. Identity type

Brand identity is a feature that allows customers to easily recognize a brand. Often, brand identity reflects the visual aspects of the brand, such as logos, wording, colors and consistent design, so that consumers can easily recognize it. Therefore, you should pay attention to its suitability in any ongoing support activity.


Identity type

Brand identity is the type of identity associated with a brand to make it closer to consumers. These attributes include sound, color, quality and other factors related to the specific target market. Brand identity can be divided into five categories, namely:


Honesty (honesty): A sign that represents an aura of honesty, truthfulness, positivity, and kindness. Examples of brands with good character are Disney and Amazon.

Joy (Spirit): A sign that represents enthusiasm, joy, and enjoyment. Most of the time, this brand fits its target among young people (millennials and Generation Z). Examples of brands that have fun personalities are Adidas, Coca-Cola, and others. Ruggedness (Ruggedness): A symbol that represents strength with a strong, active, and bold tone. Usually, this attitude is of a type focused on sports, cars, and men’s needs. Examples of brands with bad habits are Eiger and Levi’s.

Competence (Competence): A score representing performance and expertise. Often, this quality belongs to brands that show the quality of their products, such as BMW, Google and Microsoft.

Professional (luxury): A brand that offers an expensive and unique concept. Its characteristics often reflect perfection covered with luxury, which is why it is often of the most expensive brands such as Rolex, Rolls Royce and others.

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