The real Bitcoin value is zero dollars

 An important document issued by Morgan Stanley showed that The real Bitcoin value may be “zero”. The research paper sent by Morgan Stanley’s financial analyst James Fossett and his team to some clients a few days ago showed that The real Bitcoin value is zero dollars. Despite the fact that “Bitcoin” trading above the levels of 14 thousand dollars now.

Bitcoin value is zero dollars

The paper did not carry the Business Insider article, “Deconstructing the Bitcoin,” a forecast of the future price of the currency. Which in recent months has become a concern for the entire world.

Morgan Stanley says the true price of Bitcoin might be zero

In the section titled “Attempts to Evaluate Bitcoin”. Explains Financial Analyst Fuest. Why it is so difficult to evaluate the encrypted electronic currency?

And how it is not like the traditional currency, nor gold, as it fluctuates and fluctuates very hard. “It’s very difficult to answer this question, but there are some points that need to be noticed. The bank answers its questions.
Is it possible to evaluate the Betcuene as the traditional currency? Not saying
since there is no interest rate helps it, “add to” Does Pitcuin network pay? Yes it is but it is in a narrow range, and there is no transfer fee “

Morgan Stanley on Bitcoin: ‘The value would be 0’

The volume of daily trading of the world’s Bitcoin. Morgan Stanley reveals that it reached in the last 30 days to $ 3 billion per day. while trading currencies in the traditional currency markets in the world to $ 4.5 trillion per day. In the same context, the document revealed another interesting comparison. Indicating that the volume of daily sales carried out in the world using the currency of “Petkwin” does not exceed $ 300 million. While the company, “Visa” global alone, through its cards around the world purchases more than 17 Billion dollars a day.

Bitcoin’s Real Value Could Be Zero, Says Morgan Stanley

It is worth mentioning that “Bitcoin” recorded rocket heights since the beginning of the current year 2017. Although it reached the end of last year. the level of thousand dollars; to finally penetrate the barrier of $ 19 thousand dollars. Recording a 20-fold gain. But the electronic currency has suffered severe losses over the last few days, losing about a third of its value. After losing last Friday more than 25% of its value.


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