Tom Brady hints at which team passed on him last offseason, plus offers thoughts on LeBron’s G.O.A.T. stance

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Earlier this week, Tom Brady made waves when, in a trailer for The Shop on HBO Max, he alluded to a certain team electing to take a pass on him in free agency last offseason. 

“I’m sitting there thinking, you’re sticking with that mother-(expletive)?” Brady said. “Are you serious?”

Naturally, a ton of speculation about which quarterback Brady called a “mother-(expletive)” ensued. Well, the full-length episode of The Shop came out on Friday, and Brady offered some clues as to which team was the one that told him thanks, but no thanks. 

In a discussion with Maverick Carter, Draymond Green, Kid Cudi, Chelsea Handler, and Paul Rivera, Brady made it sound like the team that decided against signing him was not a very good one, in addition to already having an incumbent quarterback. 

“I look back, I’m like, there’s no (expletive) way I would have went to that team,” Brady said. “But they said they didn’t want me, and I know what that means. I know what that feels like and I’m going to (expletive) you up because of that.”

The teams most heavily rumored to be interested in Brady last offseason were the Buccaneers, Bears, Chargers, Colts, Raiders, Rams, Saints, Titans, 49ers. 

You can cross out the Chargers and Colts, because they didn’t have quarterbacks to stick with. It seems unlikely that Brady would have been so dismissive of Drew Brees, so the Saints are out, too. The Titans agreed to an extension with Ryan Tannehill prior to the start of free agency, so they’re out as well. That leaves the Bears, Raiders, Rams, and 49ers. If Brady is looking back and saying there’s no (expletive) way he would have went to that team, I think that also eliminates and Rams and 49ers. The Rams play in Los Angeles and had a roster set up to contend for the Super Bowl. The 49ers are Brady’s hometown team and had just been to the Super Bowl. So, the team in question seems likely to have been either the Bears (Mitchell Trubisky) or Raiders (Derek Carr). 

In any event, that was not all Brady had to say on the episode. He also responded to LeBron James’ comments on a previous episode, where he had called Brady the greatest football player of all time, rather than the greatest athlete of all time. (Carter had said Brady was the greatest athlete.) James’ reasoning was that football players don’t play offense and defense. Brady’s outlook on it actually seems quite healthy.

“I’m not a big comparison thing like that and it’s because really it just depends what style you like,” Brady said. “You could say, well, you’re maybe the most accomplished. I would say, OK, yeah, I’ve won a lot of games, Super Bowls and so forth. But my style of play might not fit everybody else’s, what their view of what that position should be. I can really just be the best with the body that I was given. There’s certain things that I certainly cannot do. And I have the awareness to realize, OK, I can’t do those things.

“You can’t do everyone else’s job. I can’t block, tackle, run, catch. I sure as hell can’t run. But I can throw the (expletive) out of the ball. So let me just do that, and let me do that really well. And if I can do that, then the team certainly can use me for that.”