Unauthorized mining Bitcoin has become widespread

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 We are here to talk about mining Bitcoin and  digital coins reasons for its spread and what is the potential risk of further mining

Palo Alto Networks said in a new report that the wave of encrypted currencies swept the world strongly and quickly, starting with the currency of Bitcoin largest work is now on the scene so far, to new currencies such as Almonero And Ethereum

The digital coin mining industry has flourished, moving from the use of powerful and stressful mining tools to the parallel computing power of the graphics card. “

mining bitcoin

Palo Alto Networks also noted that currency mining operations browsers have recently launched it, based on many reasons. Although the power of computing is much weaker than custom tools, the ability to invest many users across different sites is something custom tools can not provide.

Technology The risk of digital coin mining  via your PC


mining Bitcoin currency has recently become very popular. It is very common for people who monetize the Betquin currency to find their personal computers ignorant of the risks they face in the future. These risks can be summed up at these two points.


Mortgages for Bitcoin Currency Converter for PC:


1-PC damage

This is a natural process. Mining is a very complicated process. Not only does it leave a program running on the machine for long periods. This type of software does millions of calculations, which in turn consume several resources such as RAM,.
In fact, the decomposition of a single block contains 25 processes, which require a lot of powerful resources that reach 1 TerraHash. It is worth mentioning that the most powerful computers in the world never reach this capability.

2-Infection with ransom

Many mining programs work on downloading malicious software that may not harm your computer, but it stealthily mines without user knowledge and thus exploits the resources of the computer to collect money without the knowledge of the user.
Very dangerous in this type of virus is that it is the process of mining with maximum strength, that it presents the computer to damage very quickly the most famous of these viruses virus Trojan-ransom.win32.linkup, which can be summarized by saying that it changes the DNS address of the computer and convert Computer to Robot Mining.
In the end, we can say that the process of mining through the personal computer is a folly and loss of effort and money and perhaps personal information stored on the computer.

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3-For Mining by computers and smartphones is unprofitable

Laptops and personal computers are also not generally suitable for mining, and mining is very popular and widespread, but what we can see is that the activists in this sector are going to import and purchase mining equipment from electronic stores.

smart phones also were mining but it is not widely deployed as unprofitable, and the capabilities of smartphones in the end remain limited and weaker than computers.

Continuing this activity on your personal computer or smartphone is harmful, cost-effective, and time-consuming, and will not yield satisfactory results.

4-Strong competition does not help individuals in this area

Over the past years mining activity has individuals and they can do it on your PC and profit from it with a little patience, but now the rules of the game have changed and big fish have become dominant in this sector.

When we talk about these huge fish, we mean companies that own many of these devices and use them in their mining and profit centers, but they provide them to individuals, which they call cloud mining.

There are also professionals working in the form of groups through the purchase of an apartment or private garage, and equipped with these machines and profit over time, stressing that this method needs good capital at first to buy machines and pay for electricity and maintenance costs and hardware upgrades.

mining  Bitcoin  at home is profitable in this case

For different mining devices, you can check with a good profit in one case which is getting a free electric current!

Is this possible? For most people and individuals this is not possible, but for enterprises,  they can obtain electricity through renewable sources, which helps them make better profits.

and you can  start  quickly mining in your pc

End of article:

Bitcoin mining at home has become a high-risk activity and is beset by material losses from all sides. After an easy-to-profit trade using personal computers, most mining machines specializing in mining convert to profitable activity with only one device after 11 months and in one case Using the rest of the devices.

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